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Soprintendenza Speciale Archeologica Belle Arti e Paesaggio per il Lazio

Fondo Edifici di Culto . Ministero dell’Interno


The spectacular Chapel, in The church of St Maria in Vallicella or Chiesa Nuova in Rome, designed by the architect Carlo Rainaldi (1611-1641), belonged to the Spada family, particularly devoted to the Saint and contains numerous paintings that celebrate the life of San Carlo. A Madonna with Child and Santi Carlo Borromeo and Ignazio di Loyola (1675) was painted by Carlo Maratta.

On the side walls there are two paintings, San Carlo distributes his riches to the poor by Luigi Pellegrino Scaramuccia (1616-1680), and San Carlo communicating the plague victims by Giovanni Bonatti (1633-1681). These two extremely important baroque works of art were painted on canvas in oil with bright colors, which today are in need of restoration.


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The Spada Chapel


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