silvia_ghiaProfessor Giulia Silvia Ghia is the founder and current president of the non-profit Verderame Progetto Cultura and International Friends of Verderame, based in Rome and in New York. Ms. Ghia is a world-renowned art historian and Caravaggio expert, called upon to verify his work and make expert recommendations and give lectures.

An esteemed restorer and consultant, Professor Ghia works with Italian  museums, promoting conservation, and the specialized use of  Italy’s Cultural Heritage.

Professor Ghia graduated from the Institute for Conservation and Restoration in Rome. She graduated with a specialty in curating exhibitions, and specialized in the  protection and enhancement of Italy’s cultural heritage.

Ms. Ghia is the curator of several catalogues for exhibitions, essays and volumes primarily related to 17th century art. Professor Ghia is a lecturer at conferences focused on the artistic technique and on the deterioration of the constitutive materials of 17th century painting.

In 2016 she designed in collaboration with John Cabot University, the masters programme in Management and Digitization of Italy’s Cultural Heritage. Since November 2016 Professor Ghia has been a member of the Board of the Villa Giulia National Etruscan Museum in Rome. Professor Ghia is a consultant of F.E.C., the Italian Fund of Cult Buildings belonging to the Department of the Interior Affairs. In 2017 she became an adjunct professor at New Jersey City University in New Jersey.

Since 2018 Professor Ghia has been a member of the educational committee of the Professional Education Studies of the La Sapienza University, for the technological center of excellence of the Lazio Region.

Ms. Ghia has a blog on Huffington Post Italia focused on Art and Culture and is a passionate cultural entrepreneur. She is also involved with gender issues and people with disabilities in Italy. Professor Ghia is married and lives in Rome with her husband and three children.

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