Year by year, IFV will have to realize a cultural proposals, like conservation treatments on works of art, new models of fruition, university researches, seminaries,  etc.

IFV will take care of creating an annual event in New York city, where inviting donors interested to be part of this cultural project. The donations will be used to realize, step by step, the cultural projects contained in the proposals.

The achieved results (restored artworks, fruition models, publications, or others) will have to be showed in the annual event.

Moreover, the following year the process will be repeated with a second event, a prestigious venue where inviting “old”, new, and potential donors, and where presenting what has been done as well as the new proposals. So, the fundraising starts again.

See our Projects.

Dream with us and donate to be part of the change.


Your tax-deductible contribution helps preserve Italy’s cultural and artistic heritage.

Thank you for submitting a gift to International Friends of Verderame.

Your donation can be made by check or wire transfer.



444 Madison Avenue, Suite 1206

New York, NY 10022


Name on IFV Account: International Friends of Verderame

BANK NAME: Citibank

Routing #: 021000089


Account #: 6796557898

IMPORTANT: Banks provide minimal information on wire transfer, so for tracking purposes and to ensure that your gift is recorded properly, please advise the IFV Development Department of your incoming gift by e-mail to

Please provide the following details regarding your wire transfer;

  • The date IFV should expect to receive the wire transfer;
  • The dollar amount of the gift;
  • The sending organization or individual name;

Any specific gift designation.

A tax receipt will be mailed to you once the gift has been received.

Please send an e-mail to the Development Department at

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