• 28 August 2020

November 4TH 2019: Our first fundraising event at the Italian General Consulate of New York.

The spectacular Chapel, in The church of St Maria in Vallicella or Chiesa Nuova in Rome, designed by the architect Carlo Rainaldi (1611-1641), belonged to the Spada family, particularly devoted to the Saint and contains numerous paintings that celebrate the life of San Carlo. A Madonna with Child and Santi Carlo Borromeo and Ignazio di Loyola (1675) was painted by Carlo Maratta.

On the side walls there are two paintings, San Carlo distributes his riches to the poor by Luigi Pellegrino Scaramuccia (1616-1680), and San Carlo communicating the plague victims by Giovanni Bonatti (1633-1681). These two extremely important baroque works of art were painted on canvas in oil with bright colors, which today are in need of restoration.



(cost in US Dollars) 152,677.00



The conservation treatment of these two works of art will be preceded by a diagnostic campaign that will reconstruct the creative process by the two artists, the materials they used, and those materials that were overlaid by previous restorations. On the removal of the latter it will be possible to program the conservation treatment.

It will be essential to disinfect and revise the wooden frame on which the canvas is fixed, making any changes to reinforce the structure and to allow correct tensioning of the canvas. In the event that the frame proves too deformed and insufficient to support the painting, it will need to be replaced.

The materials used are specifically for restoration, designed for their high quality, stability and irreversibility over time.

The duration of the work is expected to be about twelve months

The intervention will be carried out inside the chapel. All the phases of the project will be followed by a social media manager to inform donors as well as the public.



  1. For donors, a priceless journey with a special gala dinner could be organized in Rome to see the restoration on site. Transport and accommodation not included, the journey could be organize by The Grand House, partner of this project, an organization dedited on priceless experience in Rome.
  2. For donors, will be organized an event in the magnificent spaces that the church enjoys. Inside the convent there is a garden of orange trees with the adjoining oval conference room built by the wonderful Baroque architect, Francesco Borromini.
  3. A plaque will be placed in the chapel to commemorate the most generous donors
  4. A video will collect all the history of the restoration treatment and the names of those who with their donations made it possible
  5. An important publication, dedicated to all donors, with a high visual impact will collect the results of this project.

From 10,00.00 US$ and beyond, benefit 1 to 5

From 5,000,00 US$ to 9,000.00 US$ benefit 2 to 5

From 2,500.00 US$ to 4,500.00 US$ benefit 3 to 5

From 500.00 US$ to 2,000.00 US$ benefit 4 and 5



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