The name: what is Verderame?

Verderame  is  the  Italian  name  for  verdigris,  a refined  green  pigment  used  in  painting  to  obtain sought after  effects  of  transparency.

At the same time, it is the substance in nature that is used for the protection of plants, ensuring their life.


Context and purpose of IFV

Italy  is the  country  with the highest   number   of   Unesco   sites   and   artistic threasures, of which many are still hidden gems.

Such rich  in  history and  culture  deserves conservation. Restoration  projects are nedeed in  order  to enable future generations to enjoy them.

In  this  context  International Friends of Verderame, a no profit organization 501 c3,  has been funded  with  the  mission  to  promote international   restoration   and conservation  projects  for  Italian art.


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